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- DSM News - Thu, Mar 19, 2015

DSM News - March 2015

Breaking Ground for the European Spallation Source / IFMIF/EVEDA Diagnostics Delivered / Press Event on Franco-Japanese Collaboration for ITER / Assembling WEST’s First Components / IPCC Publish is Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) /First Quantum Tomography
of an Electron / A Mere Century to Reverse the Earth’s Magnetic Field / Antiferromagnets Could Become the New Key Materials in Spintronics /The Atomic Nucleus:Between Regularity and Complexity / Sharp Threshold Effects in Nanohillock Formation /  Flexible Molecules Unveil their Secrets / Very Wide Field-of-View Achieved in Plasmon Resonance Microscopy /Looking Deeper Into Fuel Cells

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Astrophysics - European projects - Fri, Mar 06, 2015

EUCLID Project Begins Construction Phase

IRFU has begun manufacturing equipment for European space mission EUCLID, with a goal of exploring the roles played by dark energy and dark matter.

IRFU teams are in charge of manufacturing several subsystems for each of the two satellite instruments: the Visible Imager (VIS) and the Infrared Spectro/Photometer (NISP). The pilot studies conducted at IRFU from 2011 to 2014 were approved by ESA and CNES during the course of several project review meetings, thus authorizing the beginning of the construction phase.

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