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DSM News - July 2014

Nano-INNOV Saclay: at the Crossroads of Disciplines / UNESCO Places Chauvet-Pont d'Arc Cave on World Heritage List / How Would a 2°C Global Increase Impact the Climate of Europe? / A Fertile Clash of Galaxies / Two New Molecules for Organic Batteries Designed / The Neutrinos’ Waltz / Ultra-precise “Chemical Design” for Graphene Oxide / Sun, a 3D “film” / Planck Reveals the Milky Way's Magnetic Field / Gouttelium, a Complexes Trap / Antiferromagnetic Materials for Spintronics? / When Graphene Becomes a Superconductor / Record CO2 Concentrations in the Northern Hemisphere / Decrease of Congo Forest Greenness / How a School of Fish Moves Together / High Spacial and Temporal Resolution Synchrotron Experiment Achieved / Chinese Tokamak EAST Calls On French Know-How / Airborne ULM Tests of a Future Space “Canopy Lidar”

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Nanosciences - Event, Project

Nano-INNOV Saclay: at the Crossroads of Disciplines

The DSM has chosen to bring together all of the IRAMIS teams specializing in topics at the crossroads of chemistry and nanoscience in a new interdisciplinary entity. Involving CNRS as a privileged partner, this center will also include an inorganic chemistry team from Paris-Saclay University. It will be dedicated to becoming a benchmark in nanoscience within the University. Let us take a closer look at three original projects by Nano-INNOV Saclay, in the fields of materials, biomedecine and energy.

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